Weekly club meeting are held at our headquarters in the Sedgemoor Inn, if you are interested in joining please contact us or come along on a Sunday evening and meet up with us before our meeting at 7:30p

Mayday Fete this year will be on the 7th May 2018, please book early if you would like a pitch at the car boot.

Westonzoyland Carnival Club

Results 2012

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Bridgwater - 3rd in 'Feature cart - Open', 8th in 'Best tractor'

Weston-Super-Mare - 9th in 'Feature cart - Open'

North Petherton - 1st in 'Feature cart -Local'

Burnham - 9th in 'Feature cart -Open'

Shepton Mallet - 8th in 'Feature cart -Open'

Wells -

Glastonbury -

For a full round-up of the results check the Somerset Carnival website

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Mayday Update

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BBC Somerset will be broadcasting from Westonzoyland Mayday Fete. Emma Britton will broadcast live from the event which is organised by Westonzoyland Carnival Club and hosted by Westonzoyland Community centre between 9:00am and 12pm on the 7th May.The Fete officially opens at 12pm.


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Mayday Fete 2012

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 BBC Somerset Sound will be broadcasting from Westonzoyland Mayday Fete. Emma Britton will be broadcast live from the site between 9:30am and 1pm on the 7th May.

Mayday 2011Westonzoyland Carnival Club is hosting its May Day Fete from 12pm on Monday, May 7th and invites people from all over to revel in the warmth emitted from the community event.

The event, in aid of the carnival club, offers a variety of car boots and stalls with a huge range of items for visitors with an eye for a bargain.

A whole host of family orientated activities will ensure everyone will be entertained throughout, including performances from some of the best majorettes in the town, delighting crowds with their dedicated and well-rehearsed routines.

Excited children will have the chance to bounce the day away on the bouncy castle and for the adults, an impressive array of vintage vehicles will be exhibited, bringing back memories of when cars were made with real craftsmanship.

The day will also include a display from a fire and rescue support unit (to be confirmed) and an emergency organ dispatch courier motorbike will be at hand to offer vital information to those wanting to understand more about the importance of organ donation.

Vintage Rally 2011Organiser and club chairman Chris Burge said: "This event is very important in raising funds for the club. We will provide all the catering, so you can be assured there will be plenty of refreshments on offer. This is not just an event for the club, it is important for the Westonzoyland community and village life."

The event takes place on the Community Centre field from 12-4pm.

Car boot stalls per six foot are £6, inside stalls per six foot are £8 and trade stalls per six foot are £12.

Setting up time is from 10am onwards and all booking fees are non-refundable.


For details on the Car-Boot sale please contact Chris Burge Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 01278-691375

For details on the Vintage rally  please contact Andrew Baker Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can also print the form below return it to us...

 Car boot printable form

Vintage Rally printable entry form

 Vintage Rally On-line entry form


 How to get there

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Early progress

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Can you guess what it is yet?In an attempt to learn from last years' dissapointments, this year the club was intent on making an early start to the build and maintaining the momentum through-out the year. Gary said he was fed-up with switching the lights on for the first-time whilst parked up in Parkway prior to our first procession and many of the members were so exhausted after the last few days of building that they had very little left for the procession.


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Weston-Super-Mare 2011

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Here we are alread, our last carnival of 2011. A van full of club members spent Sunday afternoon repairing the roof that fell on our journey up and the road-crew had spent the day checking over the vehicles read for tonight's procession.

It was a clear cool evening and the crowds were again out in force. The procession went smoothly with a lot of appreciation from those looking on, but all too soon we were back at the start. We had quite a high entry number so by the time we finished it was already late. By the time the road-crew secured the vehicle and made there way across to the party at the Winter Gardens it was just after 11PM.


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